Starting your business

Starting your own business requires a lot of commitment, energy and resources. You need a basic knowledge of many things and the ability to identify when you are out of your depth and need to ask for help! We have helped many people develop their own business from the first seeds of an idea all the way through to being established companies.

Before you start

You will need to establish that your idea will work and is worth progressing.

We can help you to consider issues such as: 

  • your business idea;
  • your products and services;
  • your markets;
  • your competitors;
  • your resource requirements;
  • your business structure;
  • your management and operations;
  • your accounting and other systems;
  • your financial forecasts; and
  • your funding requirements.

By providing expert knowledge and business advice, we can help you with your business plan which draws together all these issues.

Getting started

You will need to move from plausible ideas to making it actually work in the real world. We can help you implement many aspects of your business plan, leaving you free to focus on the core issues.

Areas in which we can particularly help you with expert advice and support include: 

  • negotiating with your sources of funding;
  • company formation;
  • VAT, PAYE and tax registration and compliance; and
  • setting up your book-keeping and records systems.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you and your business.